Power Wisconsin project completed near Auburndale, Wis.

truck_plant1We are investing $1.9 million in the Auburndale Substation to improve reliability

We’ve completed another Power Wisconsin Project. The project involved rebuilding the Auburndale Substation, which will significantly improve the reliability of electric service for residents and businesses in the Auburndale area. The Auburndale Substation is near the intersection of Trestik Drive (CTH F) and Rangeline Road about a mile and half east of Auburndale.

We completely rebuilt the substation to allow it to accommodate a higher electric load. The Auburndale Substation rebuild was needed because of the advanced age of the equipment. The substation transformer performed well over the years but it was installed in 1963 and needed replacement. The new equipment will boost the capacity, increase reliability and add to the useful life of the substation. The company’s total investment in the substation rebuild and surrounding overhead and underground distribution work was over $1.9 million.

“The Auburndale Substation has performed well for many years but it was reaching the end of its useful life and needed modernization to meet the electric load in the area,” said Greg Ardrey, Alliant Energy’s Manager of Project Management – Substations. “Now that we have completed upgrading the substation, we expect it to better serve customers in the area and increase the power reliability and dependability for our distribution network.”

Our 2014 Power Wisconsin Plan includes approximately $74 million of planned investments this year in upgrading overhead and underground electric lines, electric substations and natural gas infrastructure. Power Wisconsin’s goal is to improve system reliability, reduce outages, and provide more reliable power to our Wisconsin customers.

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