Volunteers to plant trees for a healthier, more energy-efficient Iowa

Volunteers across Iowa will soon make a major impact on their hometown by planting new trees. This spring, we are working with Trees Forever to fund $181,923 for 44 tree planting projects. These projects are part of the Branching Out program and are listed below.

Volunteers plant trees as part of Branching Out in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2014.

Volunteers plant trees as part of Branching Out in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2014.

Branching Out is a team effort. We provide the funding and local community leaders create each tree-planting project. Experts from Trees Forever help with many parts of the project, especially making sure designs help improve energy-efficiency and that trees are planted correctly.

As of this spring, volunteers have planted trees as part of Branching Out for 25 years. The work has improved energy efficiency across the state. Trees block the sun on hot days and the wind on cold days. Trees also improve the environment by capturing carbon.

“This volunteer work has had a huge impact in Iowa,” said Doug Kopp, president of Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility. “When you add all the trees planted, they have saved the same amount of energy that would be used by 1,242 homes in one year.”

Trees provide many benefits that increase as they grow. To help trees last a long time, it is important to plant and care for them properly. With the threat of Emerald Ash Borer, Japanese beetles, Gypsy moth, Bur Oak Blight and others, the need for a diverse population of trees is important across Iowa.

“We have been working with communities to diversify the species of trees they plant and recent applications to the Branching Out program demonstrate the communities’ commitment to this effort,” said Meredith Borchardt, Trees Forever program manager. “A diverse urban forest is the best way to ensure resiliency when faced with threats such as the Emerald Ash Borer, or whatever the next major disease or pest threat might be.”

For more information, contact Trees Forever at 1-800-369-1269 or visit alliantenergy.com/branchingout or treesforever.org.

Communities and organizations receiving awards this spring:          

Community Grant Project description
Ames $1,305 Planting for energy efficiency and ash tree replacement at Windsor Oaks Senior Living Community
Asbury $3,750 Ash tree replacement at Asbury City Park
Atlantic $4,505 Ash tree replacement at East Ridge Park and walking trail
Blairstown $1,690 Plantings in parking areas along the streets and a city park
Boone $4,037 Trees planted at Mamie Eisenhower birthplace green space and street trees along Division Street
Burlington $10,000 Street trees in areas of South Hill neighborhood to replace ash trees
Cedar Rapids $7,500 Adding trees to Noelridge Park and Arboretum
Cedar Rapids $1,850 Eagle Scout Project with Troop 5200 and Cedar Rapids Community School District at Cleveland Elementary School to replace storm damaged trees
Cherokee $7,638 Planting 60 trees along three walking trails within the city
Clinton $5,495 Replacing and adding trees to Riverview RV Park
Cresco $750 Planting trees in residential areas throughout town
Creston $10,000 Plantings at the VFW Softball Complex, McKinley Park, Walking Trail, Southwest Community College Campus and Historical Village
Dysart $3,565 Trees on the CR Roberts Trail, in the Heritage Arboretum, City Park, and the elementary school
Eldora $1,376 Trees for a new arboretum in the city cemetery
Eldora $1,313 Replacing trees lost in 2009 hailstorm at Camp Quaker Heights
Fairfield $2,045 Planting 23 trees in Chautauqua Park to replace ash trees
Greenfield $1,600 Trees planted at local golf course, Northside Outdoor Sports Complex and along city streets
Grinnell $10,000 Plantings along residential streets and industrial area
Hiawatha $7,645 Planting 26 trees along Boyson Road
Hubbard $1,000 Planting 12 trees in town and along residential streets and the town entryway
Jefferson $5,000 Adding trees along Maple Street and Daubendiek Park
Lisbon $2,780 Plantings in the Novak addition, Grant avenue Circle Drive in Alger Estates, the downtown area and the cemetery
Marion $7,074 Replacing trees lost to storm damage at Gardener Memorial Golf Course
Marion $5,250 Plantings on the north and south sides of Tower Terrace Road from 10th St. to 3rd St.
Marshalltown $3,067 Planting 33 trees across four city parks
Mason City $9,989 Planting in the downtown area, including around parking lots and along streets
Mechanicsville $1,215 Replacing ash and storm damaged trees along streets and in parks
Middletown $1,000 Replacing damaged and dying trees at Jack Druis Park, Gary Van Sant Memorial Park and adding a shade tree near the Municipal Building
Mount Pleasant $1,400 Plantings at Prairie View Park and East Lake Park
Mount Vernon $6,530 Plantings for a windbreak screen by pool at Davis Park, Nature Park, athletic complex, and dog kennel
Muscatine $10,000 Planting trees along Colorado Street
Nevada $1,152 Eagle Scout Project with Troop 128, adding trees to SCORE Park
Newton $3,478 Plantings at Maytag and Woodland Parks to replace diseased trees
Oxford $10,000 Street trees along Augusta Avenue, near Interstate 80 and at Creekside Park
Preston $550 Adding trees to outdoor classroom at Easton Valley School
Rudd $1,241 Planting trees for shade on walking-biking trail around the lake
Stacyville $1,000 Adding eight trees to City Park
Storm Lake $9,737 Plantings at city-owned Storm Lake Cemetery
Villisca $2,420 Plantings at the new Frisbee Court, an existing Walking Trail, and the Villisca Cemetery
Washington $1,600 Plantings at Kirkwood Community College Regional Center and All Veterans’ Memorial Park
Washington $1,653 Replacing ash and diseased trees in several city parks, near an old water storage tank and along streets
Waukon $1,886 Adding street trees along 11th Ave SW, 13th St NW, the City Park border along Hwy 9/76 and 3rd Ave. NW
Wayland $900 Replacement trees in City Park
West Branch $5,935 Planting 125 trees on the campus and farm of Scattergood Friends School in celebration of their 125th Anniversary


About us:

Trees Forever is a nonprofit organization with a mission to plant and care for trees and the environment. Trees Forever has involved over 150,000 volunteers in projects that improve air and water quality, increase wildlife habitat, provide substantial energy savings and beautify our landscape.

Alliant Energy Corporation’s Iowa and Minnesota utility subsidiary, Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL), utilizes the trade name of Alliant Energy. The Iowa and Minnesota utility is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and provides electric service to 530,000 customers and natural gas service to 235,000 customers in over 700 communities. The employees of Alliant Energy focus on delivering the energy and exceptional service their customers and communities expect – safely, efficiently, and responsibly. Visit alliantenergy.com or call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) for more information. Alliant Energy Corporation is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LNT.

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