Blain’s Farm and Fleet helping farmers grow greener fields with energy efficiency

Company builds new energy efficient farm specialty retail store in Dubuque

Dubuque, Iowa – Blain’s Farm and Fleet is connecting with its Dubuque area customers through energy efficiency. The company recently opened a new 121,000 square foot store in Dubuque.

Blain’s Farm and Fleet installed energy-efficient lighting with occupancy controls and daylighting dimming; building insulation; window glazing and heating and cooling technologies.

“The new Dubuque facility is saving energy reducing costs and preserving our natural resources from day one,” said Jane Blain Gilbertson, CEO and president. “Our company remains focused on connecting with our customers to provide quality service and products. One way we can continue to do this is by providing a store for our customers that is energy efficient and customer-focused.”


Check presentation participants (from left to right): Jo Blakeman, Blain’s Dubuque assistant store manager trainee; Traci Handel, Blain’s Dubuque assistant store manager, Craig Clefisch, Alliant Energy key account manager, Dave Wynn, Blain’s construction project manager, Neal VanLoo, Blain’s director of engineering, Bill Schendt, Blain’s director of finance, Amanda Kinsel, Blain’s Dubuque store manager, Dan Wagner, Blain’s assistant store manager, Tim Madole, Blain’s regional manager.

Blain’s Farm and Fleet expects to save more than 543,400 kilowatt-hours therms of electricity per year. The annual environmental impact is equivalent to reducing oil consumption by 871 barrels or 134 tons of landfill waste per year.

In addition to energy and cost savings, Blain’s Farm and Fleet received a rebate of $92,381 through Alliant Energy’s Commercial New Construction program.

“Blain’s Farm and Fleet’s emphasis on energy efficiency benefits their customers and our environment,” said Craig Clefisch, Alliant Energy key account manager. “The agriculture industry continues to seek innovative ways to conserve our natural resources. Blain’s Farm and Fleet is leading by example and doing its part to help encourage the conservation of our greatest natural resources.”

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