Nevada natural gas system upgrade projects ready to go

Company readies to begin natural gas reliability construction projects

Nevada, Iowa – We will begin major natural gas system upgrade and replacement projects in Nevada this week.

“We are excited for work to begin in Nevada,” said Jon Katzenmeier, Alliant Energy natural gas project manager. “We will be upgrading and replacing parts of the natural gas system that naturally experience wear and tear over time. These projects ensure that our customers in Nevada will continue to have access to safe and reliable natural gas service.”

Construction will involve 10 different natural gas system projects, with a total investment of approximately $1.5 million. Projects will include upgrading and replacing existing distribution natural gas pipelines and other equipment currently serving homes and businesses.

Michels Utility Service is the contractor for the projects. The company expects to complete the construction work in December.

Residents and business owners impacted by the construction projects will be notified when construction work will be occurring in their areas.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as the construction projects may require area streets to be inaccessible for a period of time,” added Katzenmeier. “We will continue to communicate updates to the City of Nevada and our customers on the progress of these projects.”

Additional information on the Nevada natural gas system upgrade and replacement projects is available at

Work to upgrade the natural gas system in Ames began in March. Similar work on the natural gas system in Boone is expected to begin later this month.

Anyone in Nevada who currently does not have natural gas service but is interested in receiving service should call our natural gas conversion hotline at 1-888-255-4254 for more information.

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