Spring clean your way to cash

Colorful Cleaning Woman (2) (2)Time for spring cleaning? Get rid of what’s really cluttering up your garage or basement – that big refrigerator, freezer or room air conditioner that you rarely use, but is still working and using electricity.

Appliance Recycling gives you cash for your working appliances. We’ll come to your house and do all the heavy lifting.

Rebate amount

  • Customers in Iowa and Minnesota get a $50 check on the spot for a working refrigerator or freezer, and $25 for a working room air conditioner.
  • Customers in Wisconsin will receive a $40 rebate in the mail for a working refrigerator or freezer.

It’s that easy! You’ll be left with a tidier home, a heavier pocketbook and a lower electric bill – like up to $100 a year (source: ENERGY STAR®).

To schedule a pick-up

More information is available at alliantenergy.com/appliancerecycling.

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