New version of utility phone scam surfaces in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

More than a dozen Alliant Energy customers, mostly in the Cedar Rapids area, reported receiving scam phone calls about meter exchanges in the past few days.

In these recent contacts, scammers are apparently telling consumers that Alliant Energy will install a new meter and raise customer bills by a certain percentage. Some of the scammers appear to have been asking for account information or to sign up for new electric service.

These calls are not legitimate. We remind customers not to give out personal information over the phone. Meter exchanges, when necessary, do not have a fee, are not accompanied by higher bills and do not require verification of any personal information.

The more common scam phone calls threatening disconnection if customers do not immediately purchase a prepaid card have continued off and on across our service area for the past few years. We do not ask customers to purchase prepaid credit cards or make immediate cash payments over the phone.

  • If someone calls claiming they represent Alliant Energy and demands immediate payment or personal information, hang up and call us. Do not give in to a high-pressure caller seeking personal information.
  • Do not provide your Social Security number, credit card numbers or bank account information to anyone who requests that information during an unsolicited phone call or an unannounced visit.
  • Beware that scammers can spoof caller-ID displays, which means they can mask the call’s true origin and make it appear as if the call is coming from a utility company.

For more information, visit orHow to spot a scam.

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