Hometown Care keeps people warm

When we think about a cold, snowy night, we imagine the comfort of our warm home. But this picture brings anxiety for many who wonder how they will pay their heating bills.Warm Home

We recognize that our cold Midwest winters place an additional burden on limited-income families, and we believe that helping them is the right thing to do.

We’re making a donation of $2 million to our Hometown Care Energy Fund, which helps income-eligible customers across our service area with heating costs.

During the last heating season, Alliant Energy employees, retirees and customers contributed about $250,000. Alliant Energy shareowners also contributed $2 million. These combined funds helped roughly 7,000 local households with their energy costs.

“I’m proud that our Alliant Energy communities share our values of caring for those neighbors who struggle financially during the critical winter months,” said Patricia L. Kampling, Alliant Energy chairman, president and CEO.

The contributions by Alliant Energy’s shareowners are not included in the rates charged to utility customers.

Funds are distributed to customers by community action agencies in Iowa and by Energy Services Inc.’s Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund in Wisconsin.

Income-eligible Alliant Energy customers can apply for funding as follows:

For more information, visit alliantenergy.com/hometowncare.

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