Winter ends with lower costs for customers

Heating bills were lower this year than last

Our natural gas customers saved an average of $110 when heating their homes this winter, compared to last winter.

The savings came from two major factors: the low price for natural gas and the lower usage for natural gas.

Natural gas prices are at near record lows. More importantly, experts continue to forecast stable prices. The prices haven’t been this low, and this stable, for more than a decade.

Warmer weather this winter also meant that customers used less natural gas to heat homes. On average, customers used about 30% less natural gas during November and December of 2015 versus the same period in 2014. In January and February of 2016, customers used 12% less and 3% less natural gas versus the same period in 2015.

Average home heating cost November – February
Heating season Iowa Wisconsin
2015-2016 $289 $296
2014-2015 $399 $418
2009-2010 $459 $500

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