Alliant Energy studying more ways to expand renewable energy in Iowa

Today, we took a critical step forward to bring more cost-effective renewable energy to our customers in Iowa.

We filed proposals with the Iowa Utilities Board to develop pilot programs that support the growth of renewable energy in the state. One proposal will focus on creating a community-based solar program. The other proposals will focus on studying alternatives to current net metering.

The proposals are designed to encourage customer participation and investment in cost-effective renewable energy. By filing these proposals, we will be able to gather input to guide future decisions about growing renewable energy.

“Renewable energy is growing, and this is one way we continue to bring cost-effective solutions to our customers,” said Doug Kopp, President of Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility. “The insights we gain will be valuable in shaping successful programs.”

Today’s proposals are part of our efforts to bring more clean energy to Iowa in a cost-effective and reliable way. We are taking a thoughtful approach that includes embracing renewable energy technologies, while considering the impacts on our customers, employees and local economies.


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