More options for an improved customer experience

We recently introduced a new power outage map, an updated bill design and other website enhancements to improve our customers’ experience.

When the power goes out, customers consistently rank communications about the outage as their top concern. That’s why we created an interactive map that displays information about outages: what caused them, how long restoration will take and what other areas are impacted.

We’ve made it easier for customers to report outages and get information. Radar and storm tracking is included in the outage map, so customers can see what is happening in real time.

Outage map image for social media

Our website,,  features multiple languages to help get information to all of our customers. homepage

Other recent customer enhancements include a clearer, easier-to-understand bill with a 13-month usage summary. This can help customers see how their unique usage changes with the seasons.

More improvements are on the way. We’re working on a new mobile app for customers to access accounts and pay bills; the app is expected to be available later this year.

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