Let your nose be your guide

How do you raise awareness about natural gas leaks? Bring the smell directly to the people.

gas scratch and sniff 2017_edited

Alliant Energy’s scratch-and-sniff bill insert contains the smell of natural gas.

Alliant Energy is including a scratch-and-sniff bill insert containing the smell of natural gas in customers’ utility bills in the coming month. Under normal conditions, you may never be exposed to its smell. We’re sending out these special brochures so our customers can experience the odor in a safe way – it’ll help them better recognize a natural gas leak or emergency in the future.

“Because natural gas is colorless and has no scent, we add a strong odorant  to help you detect a possible gas leak,” said Richard Sublett, Senior Manager Compliance & Operational Performance.

The odorant, called mercaptan, contains sulfur, which mimics the smell of rotten eggs.

“Whenever anyone smells natural gas at their home or business, they should immediately leave the area and from a safe distance call 1-800-ALLIANT (1-800-255-4268),” Sublett said.


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