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Home energy assessments can save you money now

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – As winter continues, it’s a great time for Iowans to consider a free home energy assessment. Customers of ours can qualify for an assessment that provides specific information to increase the heating efficiency of a specific home. This can save money with out sacrificing comfort.house with scarf

Our Home Energy Assessment program helps identify energy loss, provides improvements that can lower energy use and shows which rebates can help make those upgrades more affordable.

Many of these improvements are easy to implement and are no-cost or low-cost. For customers that qualify, the home energy assessment includes the free installation of lights, high-efficiency showerheads, clock-programmable thermostat and other energy-saving items. For only $100, customers can upgrade to a comprehensive assessment that includes additional home diagnostics like a blower door test, duct blaster and thermal imaging. These tests can further pinpoint energy waste.

“As much as half of a home’s energy costs come from the heating and cooling system, so the cost of heating can be difficult to manage. The good news is that, with a few improvements, most homes can be more energy efficient,” said Jeanine Penticoff, director of Energy Efficiency for Alliant Energy. “This is an ideal time to schedule a home energy assessment so that you can start making improvements at a time when they are most critical.”

Following the assessment, the advisor creates a customized report, listing steps  to further improve the performance of the home.

To sign up for a home energy assessment, visit alliantenergy.com/homeenergyassessment or call 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268).