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Con artists are trying to scam customers

SCAM ALERT: Energy providers across the Midwest continue to get reports that con artists are trying to scam customers. The scammers claim to be from Alliant Energy and they threaten to disconnect utility service if the customer doesn’t immediately buy a prepaid credit card to make a payment.

Alliant Energy does not request immediate payment or prepaid credit cards. We do not threaten to disconnect service via text message. We recently began offering account alerts by text as an optional service. Customers must sign-up to receive them. They are informational only, providing reminders of when the bill is due.

If you receive a call like this:

STOP: Scammers are counting on people being too alarmed to verify their account status. Do not give in to high-pressure call tactics! Stop the conversation. Hang up the phone.

THINK: Chances are you do not owe the amount the scammers claim. You know your account status best. Think about whether the scammer’s claim about your account sounds true.

CALL: Call us to verify your actual account status. If you have a remaining balance, we can tell you the amount and when it is due. Let us put your mind at ease. You can reach us at 1-800-ALLIANT. You can also monitor your account online by visiting or through Alliant Energy’s new Mobile App. Text ‘APP’ to 255255 and download now, or visit the Apple Store or Google Play.

Beware that scammers can spoof caller-ID displays, which means they can mask the call’s true origin and make it appear as if it the call is coming from a utility company.

Customers should report attempted scam contacts to local law enforcement.

Stay safe at home; keep meters clear of snow and ice

Parts of our service area have seen heavy snowfalls in the past week.Clearing snow gas meter

It’s vital for your safety to keep your meters and vents clear of snow and ice.

Vents for natural gas appliances must be cleared following a major snow or ice storm to enable proper venting and prevent carbon monoxide accumulation.

To take proper care of your appliances  and equipment, use a broom to keep natural gas service equipment clear during the winter. Kicking or using a shovel could damage the equipment.

A qualified professional should check your gas appliances annually. Inspections keep gas appliances safe and efficient, and reduce risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.